For Starbucks fans, the merch is just as good as the coffee. The behemoth-like coffee company is king of branded merch. In every brick-and-mortar store, you’ll find a variety of coffee mugs, tumblers and water bottles. Starbucks consistently releases new product collections, leading trends in drinkware.

These seasonal product releases go viral on social media. Fans and collectors eagerly show off their merch hauls, building their stash of Starbucks’ promo.

Unique cup design is a brand staple. Starbucks’ iconic red holiday cup just celebrated 25 years of promo success. Keeping tradition alive, Starbucks partnered with design brand Pantone on an exclusive color-pop collect.

The Starbucks + Pantone collection brings playful energy to six types of drinkware and four lifestyle accessories. Starbucks says the three vibrant colors are meant to inspire new ideas and bold experiences. The color Knockout Pink (PANTONE 16-2130) is unapologetic, Brilliant Blue (PANTONE 18-4247) is confident and poised, while the Cockatoo (PANTONE 14-5420) represents freshness.

Starbucks gets “promo-happy” in the summer, releasing new merchandise for the season, Pride Month and Independence Day. On May 9, Starbucks released a summer collection of bright, iridescent reusable drinkware. From a cotton candy tumbler to a bubblegum pink cold cup, this drinkware is sure to catch someone’s attention.

For the cherry on top, customers who bring a clean, reusable cup to Starbucks will receive a $.10 discount on their order, and Starbucks Reward members receive 25 Stars. This is inline with the company’s goal of every customer to either use their own mug or borrow a reusable to-go mug.

By 2025, Starbucks wants to see its customers using its branded merch with every order. With major collabs like Starbucks + Stanley continuing to excite fans, it might just be possible.