St Regis Group (PPAI 230188, S6) has acquired fellow Canadian-based supplier Clearmount Plastics Limited (PPAI 174351, S5), strengthening its position as a leader in the awards, recognition and corporate giftware space.

Clearmount, which also produces premier customized awards and recognition products, will move its staff and operations from Scarborough to St Regis’ Canadian manufacturing facility in Markham, about 20 minutes away.

“We’re really excited about the acquisition by St Regis,” says Kate Plummer, vice president of sales and marketing at Clearmount. “It allows us to grow even more. We’re able to expand our award capsules like our Arbre designs and build out our custom acrylic capabilities even more. St Regis is well established in the award space and our technical capabilities and skilled staff will bring even more to their offerings.

Plummer adds, “Clearmount will be a brand under St Regis and still offer the creative work and great customer service that we’re known for.”

Founded in 1999 with operations also based in Illinois, St Regis has expanded its footprint with mergers and acquisitions in recent years, including a 2016 merger with New York-based supplier K&R New York and the 2020 acquisition of The Book Company’s journal division, a Florida-based supplier of published books and journals.