Some people are not afraid to fail, but they are afraid to succeed. While this may not sound like a terrible problem, a fear of success can hold you back. It can prevent you from achieving all that you could in your career and life.

People who have a fear of success aren’t afraid of success itself, but rather the price they would pay for it, explains writer Loraine Couturier. They know that to succeed, they might have to make significant changes. Change is usually uncomfortable. The brain simply doesn’t like unpredictability.

Have you been afraid to make a change? Or have you been putting something on hold for too long? You may have a fear of success. In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we share insights from Couturier on how you can move past your discomfort and reach your goals.

1. Reflect on what life would look life if you succeeded. Grab a pen and notebook and write down what comes to mind when you envision yourself succeeding. Maybe you want to pursue a new role or take on a big project. Think about the neutral, positive and negative, encourages Couturier. This exercise helps you realize your limiting beliefs and how they are holding you back.

2. Counter your doubt with your victories. To move past your fear of success, give yourself a pep talk. Think about all you have achieved so far in your career and life. Reflect on what challenges you have overcome. When you remember your previous successes, you will start to feel less tense about upcoming changes, says Couturier.

3. Accept that change is part of life. The unknown can be scary and even paralyzing for some. Rather than branch out and try something new, they stay within their comfort zones. Couturier says it’s essential to remember that change is constant. You should also remember that you can’t control everything or prevent change from happening. Instead of worrying about the what-ifs, embrace change and look for ways to use it to your advantage.

4. Borrow from your role models. Another way to overcome a fear of success is to study the people you respect. Whether you admire a particular athlete, businessperson, author or leader, consider how these role models have been successful in their endeavors. Do they read a certain number of books each year? Commit to meditating or exercising first thing in the morning? Look at what they do and see what you can replicate in your own life. Having these tools can help when you experience self-doubt.

5. Accept setbacks when they happen. Obstacles, delays, cancellations—these things happen. They are simply a part of moving forward. What’s important is that you persist even through these setbacks. The most successful people don’t just accept setbacks, but use them as opportunities to learn more, says Couturier.

6. Enjoy the process. You might not achieve success the way you planned or on your timeline, but it’s still important to enjoy the journey. When you make new habits and achieve small successes, take time to celebrate those. Be consistent and you’ll surprised at the changes you make, says Couturier.

The first step to conquering a fear of success is admitting that it exists. You might be a procrastinator or a perfectionist on the surface, but deep down you are afraid of how success would impact your life. Take a good, long look at what your life would look like if you reached your goals. It also helps to reflect on your previous wins, remember that setbacks will happen and study what works for people you admire. By coping with your fear of success, you can learn about yourself and achieve what you set out to accomplish.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Loraine Couturier is a professional writer with experience in online marketing.