Some communicators command attention from the moment they begin speaking, captivating their audience and keeping them hooked on their every word. These are master communicators. They have learned how to powerfully convey a message and keep their listeners engaged.

Fortunately, you do not have to be a TEDx speaker to improve your communication skills. Anouare Abdou, a career expert, writer and entrepreneur, says that you can up your communication game by borrowing strategies from effective speakers and applying them with your own style.

We share Abdou’s six skills of the best communicators in this issue of Promotional Consultant Today.

1. An ability to leverage personal experience. The best communicators know how to use their background to successfully convey an idea to others. Think about how your experiences, viewpoints, successes and disappointments might translate to your client and prospects.

2. A commitment to learn and grow. Great communicators work hard at being the best. They continuously refine their craft by testing their skills and asking for feedback. According to Abdou, master communicators love deconstructing their communication habits and analyzing their strengths and areas of improvement.

3. An eagerness to use the right words. When you want to communicate effectively, your words make all the difference. That’s why the best communicators weight every word carefully, says Abdou. Rather than rambling on just to fill a quiet space, they speak words of value that their audience wants to hear.

4. A focus on providing value. Whether you are presenting to a group or you are meeting with a client one-on-one, you should always think of how to be the most compelling and valuable to your audience. Some people like to hear themselves talk, but master communicators focus on their audience’s experience, says Abdou.

5. A love for listening. Master communicators often spend more time listening than speaking. That’s what makes them so good at what they do, according to Abdou. In order to deliver the most value to your audience, you must receive information from them and listen deeply to their pain points.

6. A passion for their convictions. When the best communicators speak, they let their convictions shine. You do not necessarily need a booming voice or a strong stage presence—you just need a love for the topic you are discussing.

If you need to polish your communication skills, start with the guidance above. When you learn how to emulate the best communicators, you can speak to your clients and prospects in a way that captures—and keeps—their attention and presents you as an authority in the field.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Anouare Abdou is a career expert, writer and entrepreneur. Her work has appeared in publications including Business Insider, Ladders, Thrive Global, Montreal Gazette and others.