A voice is a powerful tool in driving change. Beyond speaking out individually, sales professionals can also look to their organizations to promote diversity within. By actively taking a stand for diversity in the workplace, professionals can work to create an open, positive and welcoming culture for all.

Kabbage, Inc., an Atlanta-based financial technology company, shared a blog post highlighting how small businesses can successfully integrate diversity into their culture. In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we examine six valuable ideas from Kabbage to appreciate, value and recognize all people.

1. Establish a diversity board. Appoint a panel of employees to serve as an internal task force in charge of implementing diversity policies. This board can also determine how to reach a more diverse customer base by learning more about different minority groups. According to Kabbage, this is also an opportunity to better understand your employees’ views and how your organization can become more progressive.

2. Commit to open communication. Make sure your employees are aware of your expectations surrounding diversity policies and awareness. Kabbage notes you can do this by outlining your diversity goals and agenda. You should also make it easy for your employees to provide feedback on what they like or dislike about your diversity goals and programs.

3. Diversify your holiday celebrations. Different people celebrate different occasions. Be sure to recognize this at your business by implementing holiday policies that take everyone’s preferences into account. By observing multiple holidays, you can educate yourself and your team about the importance of diversity, says Kabbage, and you help make everyone feel welcome and important.

4. Provide diversity training. With a defined training program, you can educate your team about how to respect and understand people of all races, religions and cultures. Kabbage recommends including team-building exercises that teach employees how to identify prejudices and how to change them.

5. Adjust your hiring practices. Now is a good time to make diversity hiring an integral part of your business. Make sure you have transparent policies that all employees are subject to and create equal treatment policies that employees must agree to.

6. Diversify your leadership opportunities. When you have a culturally diverse staff in place, celebrate their valuable contributions and outstanding work by promoting them to leadership positions. By doing so, Kabbage says that you create an atmosphere of cultural diffusion and a precedent for all employees who are looking to progress through the ranks at your company.

If you are committed to making change happen, don’t just talk about it. Take meaningful action to make your organization inclusive and embracing of all colors, ethnicities and backgrounds.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Kabbage, Inc. is an online financial technology company based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company provides funding directly to small businesses and consumers through an automated lending platform.