As every seasoned sales professional knows, not every lead turns into a sale. You may have hundreds or even thousands of prospects who didn’t convert. Whether they never returned your calls or emails, or they said they just weren’t interested, you may be tempted to move on completely from these potential buyers.

However, it might be worth trying a few strategies to re-engage them. This is because most buyers need about five follow-up contacts before finally deciding to buy. By reaching out again, you can potentially win some of these lost leads back, says Flori Needle, a writer for the HubSpot Sales Blog.

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, we discuss a few of Needle’s ideas for re-engaging lost leads.

1. Survey your lost leads. Keep it simple by asking where they stand with your company — are they still interested or no longer interested at all? If they’re not interested anymore, what caused them to lose interest? Either way, you’ll find out which leads could benefit from nurturing and why some leads just aren’t that into your business anymore.

2. Maximize trigger events. These can be anything that creates a sales opportunity with your leads, Needle says. Whether it’s a new location opening, an acquisition or even someone opening your email, these trigger events create opportunities to reach out again.

3. Share relevant content. Try combining this strategy with the one above. Send your lost leads an article or new product information that makes sense for their current situation. Needle says this can help you increase your chances of closing a deal because you’re giving them resources that can help them solve their pain points.

4. Reach out in new ways. If you typically call your prospects, try connecting with them in fresh ways. Needle says switching up your mode of communication works because it’s unexpected. Your leads are used to hearing from you in one way, and you can capture their attention, leave an impression and stay top of mind by mixing it up. This simple switch may inspire your prospects to start a conversation with you again.

5. Try retargeting. Staying in front of potential buyers online is another powerful way to reconnect with lost leads. Retargeting ads appear when prospects browse online and remind them that you’re there and have something to offer them, Needle says.

6. Start from scratch. Although you already have some relationship history with your lost leads, it can sometimes be helpful to start from square one. Reach out and ask your leads what has changed since you last spoke and listen to their new pain points. This allows you to tailor a new strategy to better meet their needs. Essentially, restarting from zero allows you to put all your cards on the table and start a relationship that is more likely to end in a sale, Needle says.

If you have a lengthy list of leads that didn’t work out, try some of the strategies above. You may not convert every lead into a buyer, but you’ll likely win some new business. And remember what Needle says: Lost leads don’t have to be lost forever.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Flori Needle is a junior staff writer for the HubSpot Sales Blog.