Taco Bell has ventured into unprecedented waters this year. The fast-food brand launched a campaign that included a branded experience at a Palm Springs, Florida, hotel, overtaking 70 rooms and adorning them with branded pillows, bedding and artwork, which sold out in minutes. It also launched its Taco Bell-themed wedding venue at its Las Vegas Cantina restaurant, which offers a full “I do” experience with custom merch—including a sauce packet bouquet, garter and bow tie—and, of course, tacos and dessert. Last year, Taco Bell also launched three versions of a party pack, two containing 12 tacos and one containing 10, to enjoy at larger gatherings—yes, like weddings—or during late-night grub fests. But now, Taco Bell is allowing its fans to sport their love for the bell through a back-to-school branded merch collection, available through its online store. New merch, which ranges in price from $5-$85, includes a USB portable charger and pens and pencils resembling hot sauce packets; branded notebooks, sticky notes, a pencil pouch and backpack; shirts, leggings, sweatshirts, joggers, scrunchies and jewelry; and DIFF eyewear blue-light blocking glasses, which are presented in a pouch resembling none other than a sauce packet. For a look at branding done right, Taco Bell’s marketing this past year has been packed—just like its tacos—with a ton of creativity, success and consumer interest and loyalty.


Danielle Renda is associate editor of PPB.