SanMar Corporation (PPAI 110788, S16) has launched a new vision statement, “A Canvas for Good,” coupled with a new mission statement: “We serve with care and integrity, positivity impacting lives, to inspire pride and belonging.” In its release of the news, the Issaquah, Washington-headquartered supplier says that both statements get to the heart of its company belief that “business is personal.”

“We think we have an opportunity,” says Jeremy Lott, president of SanMar. “A shirt we sell can do more. It can help to build community. It can help to build hope for people around the world who manufacture our product. ‘A Canvas for Good’ is our ability to use a t-shirt—something so simple we all own—but can affect peoples’ lives in a very real way.”

SanMar has established the website for customers to share their stories of the company’s products have made a difference in their own lives or in the lives of others, and how they carry out the SanMar mission of serving with care and integrity, and positively impact lives by inspiring pride and belonging.