Artificial intelligence has come to promo.

SAGE (PPAI 100001), industry software and service provider and PPAI’s technology partner, on Tuesday announced the first promotional products industry tools using the power of artificial intelligence for research and business management. 

Promo’s AI Future

SAGE’s announcement came during day one of its two-day, virtual SAGE Conference. The new AI functionality is coming to its SAGE Online, SAGE Web and SAGE Website Professional Plus tools.

  • The new SAGE AI features will be added to the product search area and the presentation and projects modules in SAGE Online and SAGE Web.
  • SAGE Website Professional Plus will leverage AI-based capabilities in customers’ websites to help create new, dynamic content.

“This is truly a remarkable point in time for technology in general but also for the promotional products industry as well,” says Eric Natinsky, CEO of SAGE. “The Idea Wizard represents the first time that we as an industry are able to utilize the power of AI as a tool to enhance our own capabilities and provide the best service possible. And this is only the beginning!”

Natinsky adds, “The biggest leap in AI that we’ve all seen recently with ChatGPT and other similar technologies is in language. Using these technologies to create a first draft of content is a huge timesaver and idea generator. Then you can always make changes from there to get it just the way you want it before you actually use the content.”

New AI Capabilities

SAGE’s product search tools will use the SAGE Idea Wizard AI assistant to help distributors brainstorm ideas relating to their project and generate search results based on the specified search criteria.
Users can provide plain-English descriptions of their event or promotion and the Idea Wizard will identify creative ideas based on the specific event or promotion.

Content creation capabilities in several areas within SAGE Total Access distributor research and business management platform also benefit from the new AI. Examples of its use include:

  • Distributors working in the presentations area can now generate introductory text for a presentation that is based on the client, the client’s industry, the products in the presentation and other relevant information.
  • In the projects module, distributors are now able to instantly create customized thank you notes, again based on the specific client and project information to make the note relevant and unique.

In SAGE Website Professional Plus, users can quickly create custom homepage text, blogs and more by adding a prompt to the text box field and clicking the button for auto-generated content.

  • The content creation technology will also create content in other languages and will even adjust for dialect in different countries, such as changes in vernacular for English-speaking clients in Canada versus the U.S.

“As an industry, it’s important that we keep looking for ways to use technology to help our industry innovate, grow and provide the service that the public expects in today’s time,” says David Natinsky, SAGE’s president. “That’s our focus here at SAGE and today’s announcements are the next step in that continuous evolution.”