Tasked with protection and service, law enforcement officers put themselves between danger and the public, working to ensure communities are safe and thriving.

But community relations efforts are among the most challenging for agencies to successfully promote and maintain. After President Obama created a task force on 21st-century policing in 2015, the U.S. Department of Justice issued guidelines for community-based policing, and it emphasizes the imperative of agencies making the improvement of community relationships a priority.

One of the nation’s oldest community outreach programs is Neighborhood Watch, launched in 1972 by the National Sheriff’s Association to encourage residents to work with law enforcement in keeping crime down. Another program, D.A.R.E., brought officers into schools to teach students how to resist peer pressure and “Just Say No” to drug use. Leave-behinds for D.A.R.E. events today include pens, bags, drinkware and t-shirts. Promotional products as part of awareness and education campaigns can help departments foster long-lasting relationships with the citizens they serve.

From private security personnel to residential and commercial security alarm services, the security industry is seeing a boom in business as people and businesses seek greater peace of mind for themselves and their property. Demand for private contracted services is expected to increase by more than four percent each year for the next three years, according to industry analyst The Freedonia Group.

In a state of the market report conducted by security industry trade group SDM, nearly 80 percent of security system industry professionals reported expecting a greater increase in revenues this year over 2016. And, market research firm IBISWorld reports the security system industry experienced a total revenue of roughly $23 billion in 2016, and has seen annual growth of 4.3 percent from 2011 to 2016. Freedonia projects industry revenues may reach more than $66 billion by 2019.

Law Enforcement Market Snapshot

673,270 – Total Number Of Local Police And Sheriff’s Patrol Officers (2016)

Top 5 States Employing Local Police And Sheriff’s Patrol Officers

California          70,790

Texas                 62,580

New York          47,870

Florida               39,020

Illinois               32,780

States With The Fewest Local Police And Sheriff’s Officers

Alaska                      1,110

Wyoming                1,140

Vermont                 1,280

North Dakota        1,510

Highest-Paying States

Annual Mean Wage

California                  $96,660

New Jersey               $87,490

Alaska                        $79,510

Washington              $76,340

Washington, D.C.    $73,250

Lowest-Paying States

Annual Mean Wage

Mississippi              $34,550

Arkansas                 $38,020

Louisiana                $39,390

Georgia                   $40,770

West Virginia        $42,130

Professional Partners


• Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association

• National Association of Police Organizations

• National Sheriffs’ Association

• International Association of Chiefs of Police

• American Association of Police Officers

Fraternal Organizations

• Fraternal Order of Police

• International Police Association

Security Market Snapshot

1,104,370 – Number of individuals employed in security personnel positions nationwide (2016)

Natural gas distributors and rail transportation companies are among the highest paying industries that employ private security personnel.

184,767 – Number of individuals working in the security alarm services market

56,848 – Number of security alarm services businesses operating in the U.S. (2016)

Top Five States Where Private Security Personnel Work


New York–112,750




Top Five States For Highest-Paying Private Security Jobs

Annual Mean Wage

Alaska                              $46,610

Washington, D.C.          $43,470

Washington                    $35,200

Idaho                                $34,320

Maryland                         $33,930

States With The Lowest-Paying Private Security Jobs

Annual Mean Wage

Alabama                          $23,690

Florida                             $23,810

Kentucky                         $24,190

Mississippi                      $24,700

Arkansas                         $25,420

Professional Partners


• Electronic Security Association

• Security Industry Association

• ASIS International

• National Association of Security Companies

Getting In The Door

Local and state law enforcement departments are overseen by city, county and state offices. Departments may have their own purchasing agent—such as a community outreach coordinator, or they may rely on a purchasing agent who works for the municipality.

Federal law enforcement agencies—and the offices they fall under—purchase items such as promotional products through approved vendors. The guidelines for vendors and for purchasing promotional items are established by the Government Services Agency (GSA). Under the GSA, the Federal Acquisition Service works with authorized vendors to supply government agencies with everything from office supplies to service awards.

To register to become an approved vendor, visit GSA.gov to learn about guidelines and requirements, or contact the Office of Small Business Utilization for assistance in becoming a GSA vendor.

GSA guidelines state that an item with a value of $5 or less can be purchased for marketing purposes without prior approval. Items costing more than $5 must be approved by an appropriate administrator or head of service or staff office. The GSA advises against using the following as promotional items: food, eating utensils, clothing, toys or sporting equipment, as these items have been considered prohibited personal gifts in previous rulings by the GSA’s comptroller general.

For security alarm businesses, the greatest industry competition comes from the consumer—DIY home security is more readily available, benefiting from the advent of smart home technology. While the home security installation and monitoring business market isn’t saturated, companies are still competing with each other—and with DIY systems that are contract-free, as well.

Programs that focus on new-client acquisition, loyalty recognition and community partnerships can help security company clients make a bigger impact on prospective and current customers. The challenge, says David Johns of Alta Loma, California-based distributor DMJ Systems (PPAI 485033), is demonstrating the value of promotional products to companies that are used to more traditional methods of delivering messages.

Johns’s clients turn to signs and decals with the company name and phone number printed on them, and also like business card magnets to hand out to end users. He says larger companies are more likely to use a wider variety of items.

Other ways to promote companies that might not be used as often—but can be just as effective, says Johns—include combining promotional flyers with invoices for mailings and email correspondence. To approach smaller companies, Johns suggests contacting the owner or sole proprietor of a business; larger firms will likely have a purchasing manager or general manager who approves spending on promotional material. Budget is a primary driver of decision making, he adds.

Johns advises, “Know your customer, and know your costs—because you are competing with many direct sellers [for security companies’ business].”

Campaign Collateral

Products to pick for your law enforcement client’s next program

Keep calm and carry out sensitive duties with the help of an eight-inch plush Trooper bear. The accompanying accessories fit bears that are six to nine inches tall.

Artistic Toy / PPAI 110753 / www.artistictoy.com






Hand out these cheeky handcuff-handle mugs to staff and you’ll receive a warm reception. The ceramic mug’s handle features a metal finish and is sized generously to fit large hands.

Minya International Corp. / PPAI 112523 / www.minyausa.com





Recognize outstanding service and performance in a memorable manner with a padded, 5-inch by 7-inch diploma/certificate cover, custom made in the U.S. Choose the Moroccan style for a deep-grain, textured look, or the Vicuna for a smooth-grain, glossy finish. The covers come in nine colors and feature ribbon corners for a luxe touch.

ADG Promotional Products / PPAI 111475 / www.adgpromo.com



Emphasize the softer side of law enforcement with a plush German shepherd toy dressed to match the department it represents. Multiple breeds and sizes are available, and each plush toy can be customized with bandannas, K9 vests, woven embroidered collars and hang tags. All toys meet or exceed ASTM and CPSIA standards required by the federal government.

Douglas Company / PPAI 233600 / www.douglaspromoplush.com




Products to pick for your security client’s next program

Keep customers’ information secure on the go with an RFID wallet that attaches to a cell phone. The wallet is constructed with RFID blocker sleeves made using a patented process and special metal alloy. It holds two credit cards or IDs and is mounted with a removable 3M® adhesive to attach to the back of a cell phone. Customize with a full-color imprint for greater impact.

Fields Manufacturing / PPAI 111951 /www.fieldsmfg.com



The trapezoid shape gives the Newberry Wedge a stunning look that recipients will enjoy. The triangular sides amplify the beauty of this innovative award.

Crystal D / PPAI 112326 / www.crystal-d.com







Peace of mind away from home gets even stronger for clients who carry this auto safety tool that includes a two-sided metal head to break car windows in an emergency, and a seat belt cutter.

CPS The Keystone Line / PPAI 111040 / www.keystoneline.com

Jen Alexander is associate editor for PPB.