The Specialty Advertising Association of California (SAAC) has elected two new members to its board of directors for a two-year term and approved the board’s officer slate for 2017.

Bob Levitt, owner of West Hills, California, distributor The Bob Levitt Company, and Craig Weiss, vice president of San Diego, California, distributor Initial Impression, will begin their terms on the board on January 1, 2017. The board officers will also begin their respective one-year terms on January 1.

“I am so excited about the leadership of SAAC,” says SAAC 2016 President Lori Bolton-Herman. “We have strong, strategic leaders who are not afraid to make an impact on the industry and lead SAAC to being a better association. With this leadership team, we are ripe for success.”

Bolton-Herman adds, “I’d also like to thank outgoing Past President Steve Parker of Halo Branded Solutions and previous board member Ryan Kaback of Custom Logos for their tireless service to SAAC and helping to build the platform for our future success.”

SAAC’s 2017 board officers are

  • President Jacob Dobsch, The Chest, Inc.
  • Vice President Angela Taylor, DistributorCentral
  • Treasurer Rhett Todd, PrintGear
  • Secretary Tara Villanueva, Geiger