In November 2016, the board of the Specialty Advertising Association of California (SAAC) developed a strategic plan to guide the regional association’s future growth. The 2017-2019 strategic plan includes a refreshed mission, vision and newly developed values that will drive SAAC’s growth and expansion, and its board will use it as the roadmap that grounds the association in its programs, products and services; ultimately redesigning how SAAC functions and operates.

The strategic plan was developed after a series of comprehensive and lively discussions over a two-day retreat held in Long Beach, California. The SAAC board used member feedback from surveys, industry consultants and their personal experiences to construct a path forward for the association to adapt to a quickly changing industry as well as member needs.

The strategic plan establishes a framework for enhancing member experience and advocacy, while maintaining the financial stability and growth in the years to come.

Below, is an outline of SAAC’s strategic agenda and scope of work over the next three years:

Vision (Who we are becoming)

SAAC is the regional voice of the promotional products industry, known for leading collaboratively to advance our businesses, while protecting the consumer.

Mission (Why we exist)

To support the California promotional products industry by engaging and meeting the needs of our professionals and the businesses they serve.

Values (Non-negotiable principles and parameters by which we fulfill our mission)

  1. Integrity: acting honestly and upholding high principles through association operations, governance and diversity.
  2. Excellence: consistently providing relevant, high-quality programs, products and services.
  3. Accountability: acting with an obligation of responsibility and transparency to members.
  4. Sustainability: maintaining fiscal health and investing responsibly in activities that sustain the longevity of the association.

Strategic Goals/ Outcomes (What will be different)

Member ROI: Define and implement a strategy to ensure that SAAC members and partners receive high ROI through professional development experiences, profitability, resources, recognition, cutting-edge technology, and relevant, multi-generational communications.

Sustainable Business Model: Research and develop an appropriate, sustainable business model to support member services through operational expansion.

Regional Voice/ Advocacy: Define and implement a strategy that positions SAAC as the regional voice of the promotional products industry with an expanded process to communicate consumer protection information.

Strategy & Priority Milestone Timeframe

Member ROI

2017: Inventory and audit current member benefits and services, including SAAC education and networking, and develop a professional development agenda based on current industry “hot topics.”

Develop and finalize a comprehensive communication plan that increases member awareness, while engaging multi-generational audiences using multiple platforms.

2018: Launch professional development agenda and collect data on member satisfaction and future needs.

Develop a SAAC Awards program.

Implement member engagement and awareness communication plan.

2019: Continue to refine the association’s professional development agenda based on member needs and data.

Launch SAAC Awards program.

Sustainable Business Model

2017: Assess the viability of the SAAC trade show and develop a phased targeted approach to improving the stakeholder experience based on recommendations.

Examine sustainability of the current membership structure and potential categories alternative to corporate membership.

2018: Implement initial phase(s) for improving trade-show stakeholder experience and continue to pursue research that builds on the show’s success.

Develop a SAAC corporate partnership program.

2019: Continue making targeted enhancements and adjustments to the trade show based on data and stakeholder feedback.

Launch SAAC Corporate Partnership Program.

Research and develop one new revenue source for the association.

Regional Voice/Advocacy

2017: Strengthen and leverage relationship with PPAI to develop a strategy for communicating product, social and environmental responsibility specific to California region professionals and consumers.

2018: Work with PMANC to build a coalition and collaboratively develop an advocacy agenda for industry professionals in the state of California.

2019: Define and implement an outreach strategy with PMANC to communicate advocacy agenda to  state and local officials.