Question: A Distributor Asks: I am a part of a business networking group in my area. In my group, we have a financial planner, Realtor, personal insurance rep, a Mary Kay rep, a digital marketing agent, a hotel manager and other local business owners. Since I know most of you have been in the business longer than I have, what topic would you do a presentation on, to a group of business owners and salespeople?

Have you considered showing how promo items are great connectors and relationship builders while everyone is remote? Discuss the power of using promo items in a dimensional mailer or campaign. Staying in touch with employees and customers right now can be key to keeping customers.
Sweetspot Strategies, Inc.
Aiken, South Carolina
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I found that interaction with the group keeps them focused. When we were meeting in person, I played promotional products bingo. I would ask questions about our industry with the answers on the bingo card. Then when someone got a bingo, I had a bag of random sample items they could choose a gift from. Make sure everyone wins. It’s a huge success every time I’ve done it. You create the bingo cards on
Lincoln Park, Michigan
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I just did my presentation last week, probably my fifth or sixth over the past several years. I concentrated on how COVID-19 has changed the products I am currently selling. I also reviewed current case studies of recent orders, what kind of customer and how we were able to provide a solution for their needs. I think people/members can relate to actual case studies.
Remember, “facts tell but stories sell.” You will likely want to focus on the type of customers you are looking for. Meanwhile, if this is your first presentation in the group, I would highly recommend you give a brief background of your experience and why your fellow members will want to refer business to you. You need to build up the “know, like and trust” before members will feel comfortable referring business your way. Good luck!
JAW Enterprises
Dublin, Ohio
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I’ve been in a [networking] group for about five years and have presented about 15 times. Two of my favorites were about employee recognition/retention and travel relating to different travel scenarios like day, family or weekend trips.

I try to make my presentations interactive and give advance notice of what I would like from them. For example, I’ll ask five things about their own travel experience that are easy to respond to within one minute. I also try to incorporate as many members/categories in my presentation as possible to show how great we can partner up.
Brand Consultant
All Wrapped Up
Columbia, Maryland
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Question: A Distributor Asks: I just got an order in, and on every one of the whistles, the supplier’s website is screenprinted on it. I haven’t had this happen before, except on samples. Usually, there’s just an item number. What do y’all think about this?

Any product that is classified as a child’s product or anything that can be seen as a child’s product is required to have tracking numbers. It would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the rules regarding selling products for children. Even if your client is not giving the product out to children, if it is something that looks like a toy, i.e. your whistle, the labeling regulations apply.
Client Success Executive
Summit Group, LLC
Silver Spring, Maryland
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I think it’s part of child safety compliance. The numbers below it are probably the manufacturing lot. They’re required to test the materials of each lot and provide tracking info on certain items.

Stellar Customs, LLC
Houston, Texas
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