Memphis, Tennessee-based distributor Signet, Inc. (PPAI 101157) has joined the advocacy council of the Quality Certification Alliance (QCA), a coalition focused on ensuring accountability and independent validation of corporate responsibility throughout the promotional product industry’s supply chain.

The Advocacy Council, previously the QCA’s Distributor Advocacy Council, is made up of industry advocates and collaborates with QCA-accredited suppliers and end buyers to ensure supply chain transparency and control.

“While suppliers have much accountability when it comes to product safety and social responsibility, distributors also play an integral role by connecting end buyers with products that not only supplier their brand but also protect it,” says Tim Brown, MAS, QCA’s executive director of operations. “One past criticism was that distributors didn’t have an opportunity to meaningfully contribute within the QCA structure. As a part of the new participation model that debuted in January, we redesigned the Advocacy Council to give distributors the ability to participate in the ways they had been requesting.”

Signet was one of the companies that formed the DAC. On joining the new Advocacy Council, Signet CEO Elizabeth Tate says, “Previously, there was little opportunity for participation at the level we were seeking, despite good intentions. We are glad see this change. The new participation model gives us the ability to have greater input, be heard and to have more significant influence.”

David Tate, Signet COO, adds, “Distributors have an important role to offer since we are the ones closet to end buyers. Without us, much valuable input can be missed. If we help, inform and encourage suppliers and their processes, it helps improve our individual companies and, without question, this improvement also pushes out to the industry as a whole.”