Quality Certification Alliance (QCA) has begun the search for a new executive director after Jeffrey P. Jacobs retired from the position last month. Jacobs joined the organization in October 2012. The search is being conducted by the QCA board of directors, which expects to begin interviews in early June. D. E. Fenton, QCA executive director – compliance, will handle daily operations during the search. QCA is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping companies provide safe products

“QCA has a very clear vision for the future, and we intend to keep growing the membership and continue conducting the third-party review of supplier compliance practices,” says Larry Whitney, director of global compliance at New Kensington, Pennsylvania-based Polyconcept and the QCA board president.

The executive director position is responsible for increasing visibility of QCA both within the supplier and distributor communities as well as more broadly outside the industry. Additionally, the candidate will ensure QCA remains a responsive organization in terms of educating its members and the industry on issues related to product safety, product quality, supply chain security, social accountability and environmental stewardship. Finally, the candidate will also be charged with advancing QCA’s membership with new suppliers and building distributor relationships through the QCA Distributor Advocacy Council (DAC).

Whitney adds, “One of the most challenging pieces in filling the executive directorship is finding a leader with a vision that fits with what the board feels the organization now needs with the diverse demands of the accreditation and the still fledgling DAC. We will be working with Juli Sinnett, who joined QCA in February as a consultant to DAC, to drive more collaboration between members of the Distributor Advocacy Council and QCA accredited suppliers.”