This week, PPAI and promo professionals are taking the industry’s message to Capitol Hill to ensure lawmakers recognize the $22 billion promotional products market and the nearly half a million Americans who work within the field. Legislative Education and Action Day (L.E.A.D.) is a virtual event again this year, and runs June 8-9.

PPAI and L.E.A.D. participants will address a range of issues during their meetings with legislators and their staffs. These include tax reform proposals and their impact on small businesses, the importance of protecting vital global supply chains, the role of independent contractors within the promotional products industry, and of course, the effective use of promotional products.

Industry professionals across the country can add a voice to the conversations held with the leadership in Washington, D.C.

PPAI has made it easy to support industry colleagues by calling or emailing members of Congress in support of the same issues addressed during L.E.A.D.’s virtual meetings.

To participate:

  • Click here to send editable, pre-written emails or call members of Congress.
  • Forward PPAI emails to colleagues and team members and encourage them to participate as well.