PPAI’s Promo Connect, a knowledge community platform for the promotional products industry, has won Higher Logic’s Super Forum Floyd Award for the most successful online community. Higher Logic is an online community and communications software provider, and its Floyd Awards—presented at its annual Super Forum,and running virtually this week and next—recognize online communities for their design, marketing and other accomplishments.

Higher Logic has more than 3,000 clients across 21 countries and supports over 2.4 billion community interactions annually. Promo Connect was presented with the “Most Successful Online Community Award” for its optimization, integration with PPAI’s association management system and online education platform, and its high levels of community engagement.

Promo Connect was established in 2017 to cultivate a place for participants to grow professionally through engagement of meaningful industry topics and provide a platform for industry peers to discuss the strengths, challenges and opportunities for the promotional products industry.

Industry members interested in sharing their expertise, getting questions answered, helping others or collaborating with colleagues on industry-specific initiatives can join in for free. Learn more about Promo Connect and get started at community.ppai.org.