Supplier Proinnovative (PPAI 111156) has reached an agreement to acquire the assets of supplier Zenith Promotions (PPAI 113326) in Lawrence, New York. Zenith is also known in the industry as Child Treasures, The Fun Place, and the corporate entity The Last Straw, Inc.

“We are excited to expand our line with Zenith’s fun and unique products,” says Andrew Reichlin, president of Proinnovative. “Their culture of ethical practices and focus on the customer is an excellent fit with our core principles. We are also excited by the potential of bringing greater marketing and product support as well as inventory investment to Zenith products. Because we have common overseas suppliers, we know the supply chain will be seamless during the transition.”

The agreement is expected to be complete at the end of the year, at which time operations will be consolidated with The Proinnovative Line, located in Phoenix, Arizona. Until closing, Zenith Promotions will continue to use separate operations and industry identifiers. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Sharon Hecht, president of Zenith Promotions, says, “I want to leave our customers with the same ‘talk to the owner’ ability that they had with me, and I know that Andy and his team are the right people to take care of our customers. I have known Andy for some time and I value the fact that he shares the same hands-on, do-what-it-takes attitude as I do. I will continue assisting Proinnovative for a smooth transfer for our customers.”