Proforma (PPAI 196835, D13) held its Elevate 2020 Annual Kick-Off Meeting last week in Las Vegas, Nevada, in conjunction with The PPAI Expo. The meeting hosted approximately 1,000 total attendees, including the Cleveland, Ohio-headquartered distributor’s owner affiliates, preferred suppliers and VIP prospects.

Kicking-off Elevate 2020, Brian Carothers, Proforma’s chief technology officer, interviewed Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, in an intimate chat on how the right technology can propel businesses to new heights. “The Woz” shared stories about Apple, his love for practical jokes and his affinity for promotional products.

The following morning, Brian Moran (above), New York Times bestselling author of The 12 Week Year, hosted an intensive workshop to teach the fundamental principles and techniques behind his strategy to get more done in 12 weeks than others do in 12 months. This presentation taught attendees how to implement and execute these key strategies to elevate their sales growth and business success.

Following the morning workshop, education sessions and networking opportunities provided insights to help attendees formulate their plan for business success in 2020.

Vera Muzzillo, CAS, CEO of Proforma, says, “The Elevate 2020 Annual Kick-Off Meeting was a great success. Events like this show that Proforma truly is the industry’s technology and business success leader.”