Probitas Promotions (PPAI 652294, D6), a distributor based in Grand Forks, North Dakota, has been approved as a Blue Zone certified company by the Blue Zones Project.

  • The certification awards companies that encourage and help facilitate a greater work-life balance, contributing to happier and healthier communities.
  • Probitas Promotions is the first company in North Dakota to receive the certification.

What Is A Blue Zone?

The term “Blue Zone” comes out of a 2004 National Geographic project that determined geographic pockets around the globe in which the populations lived healthier, happier and better lives. They were deemed Blue Zones.

  • People in these areas reached the age of 100 at a rate 10 times higher than the United States average with a lower rate of chronic disease.

The Blue Zone Project researched these locations and took away actionable lessons that could be holistically applied to communities. In the U.S., it is essential that these lessons be used in places of work as so much of Americans’ time is spent working.

Now, businesses can earn Blue Zone certifications by meeting certain criteria that focus on the mental and physical health of their employees.

A documentary series, Live To 100: Secrets Of The Blue Zones, on Netflix discusses the dynamic of Blue Zones.  “

Probitas Promotions Reacts

Probitas Promotions, which asks its employees to take midday walks to break up the day and get out of a strained, overly focused mindset, is a result of an ethos the company has long held in high regard.

“The Probitas team has worked hard to have a positive culture from our founding in 2015,” says Gary Lucy, CFO and director of HR. “Our number one core value is People>*. People matter more than anything. We care about those we work with and those we serve.”

*Probitas Promotions’ use of “People>” is intentional, as the distributor is emphasizing that it values people more than anything else.

“Their hard work and dedication have resulted in a work culture that inspires employees to live longer, better, healthier and happier lives,” the Blue Zones Project said in a statement.

The company held a ribbon-cutting ceremony November 28, to mark the occasion.

“The policies we have implemented help or team to not only have a great work life but also a great home life,” Lucy says. “Our Blue Zones worksite certification is validation for all we have done and all we plan to continue to do through our new partnership with Blue Zones Project of Grand Forks.”