Privacy and the security of personal information is a top concern for Americans. The 2019 Data Privacy and Security Study from Wunderman Thompson Data shows that 58 percent of survey respondents say they are very concerned about the security of their privacy and personal data, ahead of other pressing issues like political leadership and gun violence, and behind only heath care.

Wunderman Thompson Data’s survey of 1,500 people in the U.S. found that 89 percent feel that there is a lack of transparency in the way companies acquire and use data, and 57 percent don’t find the idea of personalized ads appealing. In its report, the company notes, “It is evident that data security and privacy are a top concern for Americans today. The complexities of the data industry combined with a general ignorance on how to protect their personal information elicit a sense of helplessness and anxiety.”

The survey found little awareness of data protection regulations and legislation among consumers, with very low awareness of GDPR, COPPA and CCPA. When it comes to data security, respondents generally think in terms of identity theft, hacks, breaches, social security numbers, stolen data, data safety and banking information.

Among respondents, 85 percent agree that, “It’s difficult to know just what to do to protect your personal information and data these days,” and 82 percent recognize that they should be more diligent in protecting their data and information. However, 64 percent say, “I worry about the security and privacy of my personal information and data, but honestly, I’ve kind of given up trying to control it,” and 53 percent strongly agree that, “It seems a little sneaky to me the way companies go about getting this data and using it.”