Ann Baiden, MAS+; Kurt Reckziegel and Warren Kindellan.


The Promotional Product Professionals of Canada (PPPC) presented its most prestigious honours on October 7. It is a privilege to call the winners of 2020’s nomination awards members of our Canadian promotional product community.


Kurt Reckziegel was the 35th member inducted into the PPPC Hall of Fame. As PPPC’s president and CEO from 1994 to 2008, his acceptance speech drove home his appreciation for change and leadership. “My mandate was to make changes—to enhance the benefits of membership, to grow the membership and to grow the acceptance of the promotional products industry in the total advertising community,” Reckziegel said. And he’s done just that—enacting change and making a difference in the industry. He will always be known as a key player and mentor in the promotional community, and PPPC was honoured to present him with this recognition.

After retiring in 2008, PPPC remains a part of Reckziegel’s life, but family has always come first. He says, “My plans always have been, and remain so today: family, travel, compiling the roots of the family’s ancestry and maintaining contact with the many friends and colleagues I was privileged to gain through the association. I no longer miss the work, but I do miss them.”

Reckziegel’s shared these kind words of wisdom: “Accept any recognition in a humble manner, always remembering that it must be shared with all those who contributed to your success.” During his acceptance, he could not thank enough his wife, Margie, of 62 years, his entire family, and all the staff and boards of directors over the years for getting him this far.

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Ann Baiden, MAS+, CEO and founder, Innovatex Solutions, Inc, and Warren Kindellan, owner, Sudden Impact Promotional Products & Branded Apparel, were both presented with PPPC’S Humanitarian Award for 2020.

Baiden’s selflessness and dedication earned her this honour. From fundraising to donations to volunteering and more, Baiden loves to combine her life’s passions: women’s advocacy, community outreach and promotional products. She says, “Promotional products are a billboard—and the perfect way to raise awareness for something you believe in.”

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Warren Kindellan is admired by all who surround him. His generous contributions to the Salvation Army and other charities have changed the lives of so many. He plans to continue to give and be involved in his community for as long as he can and believes that everyone should, “give more of themselves for it will bring purpose and clarity.”

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The PPPC Momentum Awards are bestowed upon up to eight individuals who show extraordinary promise for their futures. They are strong leaders with innovative ideas who don’t take no for an answer. The six recipients of PPPC’s Momentum Awards are:

  • Jessica De Mello, MAS, St Regis Group
  • Brianna Fijal, St Regis Group
  • Samantha Fullerton, Elite Promotional Marketing
  • David Goldstein, Boomerang Marketing
  • Ian Huntley, BAMKO
  • Alina Marcarian-Brown, St Regis Group


The Winners’ Booklet with the winning campaigns from the 2019/2020 Product Awards is now available online. Get some inspiration for next year’s competition at


One final, big congratulations to all the PPPC award winners for their extraordinary efforts and success.  


Victoria Peers is communications specialist for Promotional Product Professionals of Canada,