The Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF) has announced the Charles G. Duggan II, MAS+ Scholarship for the 2025-2026 scholarship cycle, which will focus specifically on financial aid for adult learners seeking higher education opportunities.

  • The scholarship is made possible by a donation from Duggan, who is the VP of sales at supplier Goldstar.

The application deadline for 2024 PPEF scholarships is March 15. For more information on the scholarships and access to the applications, visit

It’s Never Too Late To Learn

The Charles G. Duggan II, MAS+ scholarship has been created for the 2025-2026 scholarship cycle and will be issued to an adult learner in the promotional products industry pursuing a college education.

  • This scholarship was created in recognition of Duggan obtaining a Bachelor of Arts from Saint Louis University last August at the age of 51, adding a post-baccalaureate certificate in organizational leadership in December.

“My entire career I had the simple goal to help others,” Duggan says. “Which was inspired by motivational speaker Zig Ziglar’s quote that ‘You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want.

Duggan wanted to work with PPEF to set up this scholarship in order to give more specific inspiration to others in the industry who, for varying reasons, were not able to attend or finish college directly after high school.

“If I can start at 51, you can, too,” Duggan says. “It’s never too late. Education is a lifelong process.”

In order to donate to The Charles G. Duggan II, MAS+ scholarship, click here.

You Can Create Your Own Named Scholarship

Named scholarships can be created through PPEF as a way to help those associated with promotional products – including the children of promo professionals – reach their potential within this industry or outside of it.

There are three levels of named scholarships available depending on donation size:

  • Associate – $5,000: Provides a named scholarship of $1,250 for four consecutive years. Payable in full.
  • Colleague – $10,000: Provides a named scholarship of $1,250 for eight consecutive years. Payable over two years.
  • Lifelong Friend – $50,000: Endows a perpetual named scholarship of $1,250 per year. Payable over two years.


The Charles G. Duggan II, MAS+ scholarship is currently an Associate level scholarship, but donations toward it could potentially get it to the colleague level of $10,000.

“This vehicle allows the naming of scholarships typically in honor or memory of an individual or company,” says Becki Heinen, PPEF chair and director of client experience. “Recognition of that honor will last for the life of the scholarship associated with the gift. All named scholarships are subject to final approval by the Executive Committee or the Board of Trustees.”

To learn more about how you can create a named scholarship, please contact the fundraising committee at