PPAI’s webinar series turns to responsible sourcing practices, Millennials and more in the coming weeks. Also, continuing into the spring is the Association’s ongoing series revisiting some of the highlights of the PPAI Expo 2017 education programming.

Upcoming March and April webinars include:

ICPHSO Annual Meeting And Training Symposium 2017

March 29, 1 pm CST

Best of Expo 2017: Hybrid Selling: How to Succeed as Online Business Grows

March 31, 1 pm CST

Seeing Millennials as Partners, Not Clients

April 5, 1 pm CST

Best of Expo 2017: Using Promo to Sell Promo

April 7, 1 pm CST

Technology: Know The Rules And Dangers When Shipping Electronics In 2017

April 12, 1 pm CST

PPAI’s live and on-demand webinars enable industry professionals to continue their professional development anywhere, any time.