The Three Rivers Advertising Specialty Association held its 2019 Spring Expo on March 5 in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, and PPAI® Communications and Branding Strategist Kim R. Todora joined the event to speak on brand building.

Todora’s workshop at the Spring Expo shared strategies and tactics on how promotional products businesses can organically communicate their brand voice and grow their businesses using content marketing and curation tools like those included in the Get In Touch!® program, which was designed by an industry collective in conjunction with PPAI.

The workshop showed distributors and suppliers how to connect their brand to the buyer by journey-mapping the buyer’s purchasing pathway with shared, owned, paid and earned media. Todora says, “We believe that the right content—delivered at the right time—infused with fact-based, value-driven storytelling can help industry companies build their brand persona, influence purchasing decisions and connect with buyers in a meaningful way.”

Over the course of the session, attendees were shown how, small and large, they can establish themselves as a subject matter expert by creating and sharing content to promote their businesses, retain customers, influence word of mouth, close the decision gap on prospects and leverage content as a brand differentiator.

Click here to download the Get In Touch! program toolkit, or to book a workshop email Todora at