This summer, PPAI introduces the inaugural SPARK, the premier event for young professionals in the promotional products industry. To be held July 27-28 in Denver, Colorado, SPARK is the latest development in a series of “pop-up” events PPAI introduced last year that offer education and networking opportunities for young people working in the industry.

SPARK’s agenda is built around connecting future leaders and giving them insight into the ideas, projects and achievements that will shape the industry going forward. Participants will have the opportunity to become engaged, educated and connected with topics that are specific to the beginning stages of starting a successful career in the promotional products industry.

Alongside networking and team-building opportunities, SPARK’s schedule includes several insightful speakers. The first of two general sessions speakers, Mike Ligon, founder of concert promoter HomeVibe Presents, will deliver a behind-the-scenes look at leadership in a shifting industry. Later, Chris Sinclair, owner of St. Catharines, Ontario, distributor Brand Blvd., will explore coaching and team building from the young professionals’ perspective.

SPARK also offers attendees the choice of two break-out sessions: Mary Ellen Harden, president of supplier Wall Street Greetings and owner of Mellen Designs, shares her perspectives as a young professional and small-business owner; and multi-line rep Mike Eaton brings his audience up-to-date on a number of industry topics, including Amazon and Alibaba, quality over quantity and increasing ROI.

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