August Recess is a month-long official break in the congressional calendar that occurs every year. This recess offers an excellent opportunity for promotional products professionals to meet with elected officials in their districts and discuss with them how much of an impact the promo industry makes on the economy both locally and nationally.

This break also gives industry members the opportunity to establish relationships with legislators and their staffers, and it also allows L.E.A.D. attendees the chance to maintain the connections they created during personal or virtual visits to Capitol Hill. These meetings can take place in a variety of ways, including in-person encounters, attendance at various town hall or regional events, virtual meetings and inviting legislators on tours of industry facilities.

For information about identifying members of Congress and contacting them for a meeting, PPAI’s August Recess Advocacy page offers all the tools necessary to plan and execute meetings or worksite tours. Association members can also reach PPAI’s public affairs manager, Maurice Norris at, with questions about the Tips For A Successful Facility Tour or any other available resources.