PPAI has officially launched Promo Connect, a knowledge community platform for the promotional products industry. Rather than replace social and business networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn, Promo Connect offers a place for industry-specific peer networking; collaboration; sharing of best practices, ideas and concepts; information gathering; and seeking and offering expert opinion and advice.

PPAI Director of Professional Development Jennifer Crowfoot says, “In today’s world, regardless of the industry, business is rapidly changing and professionals can use a place to learn about and discuss what these new changes look like, who’s the next disrupter and how to ensure they survive the impending change. Promo Connect is a place for the industry to discuss these rapid changes and it allows professionals to educate themselves and help educate others.”  

Promo Connect’s objective is to cultivate a place for participants to grow professionally through engagement of meaningful industry topics and provide a platform for industry peers to discuss the strengths, challenges and opportunities for the promotional products industry. This includes providing collective intelligence and strategic foresight for the industry, which PPAI believes will help it stay abreast of possible or current disrupters in the marketplace.  

Industry members interested in sharing their expertise, getting questions answered, helping others or collaborating with colleagues on industry-specific initiatives can join in for free. Learn more about Promo Connect and get started at community.ppai.org.