Tariffs Hurt The Heartland—a nationwide campaign against tariffs supported by the coalitions Farmers For Free Trade and Americans For Free Trade, of which PPAI is a member—is planning a letter to the Trump administration regarding the ongoing trade dispute with China and the impact the escalation of tariffs will have on U.S. businesses, and promotional products companies have an opportunity to sign on to this message.

The letter notes that while the coalition agrees that trading partners must abide by global trade rules, and it supports the administration’s efforts to address unfair trading practices, the additional tariffs will have a significant, negative and long-term effect on American businesses, farmers, families and the U.S. economy. The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) has announced a proposed List Four of Chinese imports upon which tariffs will be levied. They would cover approximately $300 billion in additional products, representing almost all imports from China not already covered under the previous tariff lists.

The USTR is holding a public hearing on the List Four tariffs on June 17. The final decision on the tariffs’ implementation will come after that point.

“PCNA has submitted comments in opposition to the List Four tariffs,” says Larry Whitney, director of global compliance at supplier Polyconcept North America. “While in Washington with L.E.A.D., I brought up the costs related to List Four, and why it’s bad for our business, in every meeting that I had on the Hill. I’ve also had subsequent calls with one of the Pennsylvania Senator’s staff members to go into more detail on the potential impact to PCNA.”

Whitney adds, “If List Four goes into effect it will have a horrible impact on our industry. While some of the suppliers have made efforts to diversify out of China, many have not, and there is not sufficient manufacturing capacity out of China to replace the Chinese factories.”

Industry members can read the full letter and add their company’s name here. Promotional products businesses have until June 12 to sign on to the letter and share their concerns about the proposed tariff increases.