By the end of April, 38 industry professionals had chosen to invest in their professional development in 2022 and earned their Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) and Master Advertising Specialist (MAS) certifications. 

Professional Development: PPAI’s CAS, MAS and MAS+ designations are achieved through a combination of active employment in the industry, education, industry contributions and the successful demonstration of expertise. The CAS and MAS certifications require continuing education and recertification to remain in good standing. 

CAS and MAS certification holders have joined an elite group of individuals who have demonstrated their commitment to the industry and to continuing their education in it. Each has met rigorous educational requirements, demonstrated an exemplary commitment to their field and established their professional credibility to colleagues, clients and peers.Click here to learn more about the PPAI Certification Program and PPAI’s professional development opportunities. 

The Recipients:Congratulations to these recipients of the CAS and MAS certification:

Heather Barnett, CAS, Geiger

Angela Benn, CAS, Safeguard Business Systems

Savannah Bennett, CAS, Geiger

Stephanie Blood, CAS, Outdoor Cap Company

Chyann Marie Colles, CAS, UN Promotional Solutions, Inc.

Andy Curtis, CAS, Champro Sports

Matt Dalton, CAS, Macco Promotions, Inc.

Jonas Zachary Diamond, CAS,

Abi Flores, CAS, BDA

Sarah Goshgarian Unruh, CAS, OrderMyGear

Imran Harji, CAS, ABC Printing

SheinHarji, CAS, ABC Printing

Candice Johnson, CAS, TK Promotions, Inc.

Aaron Mell, CAS, BDA

Melissa Mereghetti, CAS, Geiger

Ryan Nordstrom, CAS, One 2 One Marketing, Inc.

Olivia Rose, CAS, iPROMOTEu

Lee Schisler, CAS, BDA

Maureen Springfield, CAS, iPROMOTEu

Brian Warren, CAS, Geiger

Julie Zavala, CAS, Clearly Branded

Heather Allan, MAS, PCNA

Wanda Castonguay, MAS, Geiger

Judy Ellington, MAS, The Vernon Company

Jen Fortier, MAS, Buzztag

Theresa Gonzalez, MAS, Stay Visible

Valerie Guynn, MAS, Geiger

Ed Hamner, MAS, Howling Print and Promo, Inc.

Barry Kahan, MAS, HALO Branded Solutions

Adam Koehler, MAS, BDA

Nancy Krail, MAS, Document Solutions

Jason Linneken, MAS, Geiger

Michelle Martin, MAS, HALO

Allison McAdams, MAS, HALO

Jen McQuinn, MAS, Executive Advertising

Scott Mueller, MAS, Muellertime

Craig Nadel, MAS, Nadel

Cyndi Tatum, MAS, P3 Promotional Products