With The PPAI Expo Conference wrapped up and the trade show floor set to open in the morning, promo professionals gathered at Mandalay Bay Convention Center on Monday evening for an official opening reception to The PPAI Expo 2024.

  • The opening reception was a new addition to the The PPAI Expo experience this year, an evening entertainment option replacing the customary Chair’s Leadership Dinner, which moved to a special, more intimate setting in 2024.

The reception was open to anyone attending The PPAI Expo: Suppliers looking to unwind after setting up their booths all day, just-got-in-town distributors and anyone who spent Monday taking in presentations and panels at the conference. The ticketed event allowed attendees to exhale with drinks and hors d’oeuvres while a DJ spun music.

With the trade floor officially opening the next morning – what some might call productive chaos – the opening reception served as a networking opportunity that could provide a little levity, with business conversations optional.