When the Rock Solid Climbing facility in Tucson, Arizona, planned a special event promoting the gym’s circuit style of route setting, organizers wanted a set of prizes to reward climbers who took part. The items needed to motivate people to participate, reward all levels of ability and experience, and provide something tangible to take away from the event that would inspire future involvement, membership and attendance.

In partnership with local distributor Southwest Solutions (PPAI 615323, D3), the team at Rock Solid Climbing chose color-coded pins in the shape of their boulder logo to create a simple, affordable, collectible and social media-ready solution. The gym spread the word with a social media campaign to generate interest in the pin-earning events, which became community-led as climbers posted about their excitement for them.

social media posts about earning reward pins from rock climbing gym

Interest and participation in the pin-earning event was exactly what the gym was looking to generate, and it’s now an annual program with new and different pins so climbers can expand their collections.