Jacuzzi Group engaged California-based distributor Imagen Inc. (PPAI 427416, Silver) to develop a strategy to engage 200 potential Jacuzzi Group brand dealers to more effectively move them through the sales funnel and grow the dealer network.

Imagen created a customized experience for each potential dealer by creating a gift box with messaging and items tailored to a specific spa brand, such as wine glasses, artisanal coffee or gourmet popcorn. An easy-to-use web order form made the process of getting a kit in the mail a breeze, streamlining the entire process for the client.

popcorn gift box for Jacuzzi Group by Imagen Inc.

Overall, the combination of brand-specific messaging and carefully selected promotional products made a memorable impression on the recipients, resulting in an 80% engagement rate – a significant improvement of the previous success rate of 15% from cold calling and email marketing. Jacuzzi Group continues to use the funnel kit program for its dealer outreach.