The PPAI Technology Summit, to be held in San Francisco, California, August 17-18 immediately following the PPAI North American Leadership Conference, will recognize industry technology leaders’ achievements with the Tech Summit Awards. These awards showcase and celebrate technology advances that bring success to individual companies and the industry as a whole. Honorees will be selected from nominees submitted by PPAI members. The award nomination period closes April 22.

The Internal Innovator award celebrates a technological achievement within a distributor, supplier or business services provider. These achievements or innovations deliver significant value to the business and involve new technology, unique implementation or use of existing technology. This award showcases the work being done behind the scenes by IT teams and provides an opportunity to shine the spotlight on a deserving individual or team. Click here to nominate someone for the Internal Innovator award.

The Industry Collaborator award highlights and celebrates innovative technological work that unifies and elevates the industry. The purpose of the award is to showcase technical implementations that are helping achieve greater efficiency, information sharing or collaboration between suppliers and distributors or with the involvement of a service provider. Click here to nominate someone for the Industry Collaborator award.

To learn more about the 2016 PPAI Technology Summit and to register, click here.