H. Wayne Roberts

PPAI is now accepting nominations for one of its highest honors, the H. Ted Olson Humanitarian Award. Named after the late H. Ted Olson, MAS, PPAI president emeritus, the award represents what Olson stood for—volunteerism inside and outside the promotional products industry. H. Wayne Roberts, MAS, the retired vice president of Wichita, Kansas-based Pioneer Balloon and past chair of the PPAI Board of Directors, was honored with the 2017 H. Ted Olson Humanitarian Award in January at The PPAI Expo.

The H. Ted Olson Humanitarian Award is presented annually to PPAI members who have shown long-standing empathy, devotion and commitment to improving quality of life and bringing about change for the betterment of a community. Honorees exhibit exemplary devotion and volunteerism to nonprofit, civic, charitable and/or educational organizations committed to the needs of the communities they serve. Roberts was recognized for his long history of dedicating his time, talents and energy in service to his community, including Bozeman, Montana’s God’s Garden and the Community Café.

Humanitarians selflessly give of their time and talents to better the lives of others and their community. Recognize an industry member’s dedication and commitment by submitting a nomination for the 2018 H. Ted Olson Humanitarian Award. For more information, email awards@ppai.org or call Christina Sanders at 972-258-3070. Nominations close April 21, 2017.