Get the popcorn ready—a few of your favorite movies might offer a valuable lesson for salespeople. When you pause and look deeper, some movies provide more than entertainment; they tell stories that can help you grow professionally by giving you perspective, applicable lessons and heartwarming inspiration.

This issue of Promotional Consultant Today highlights nine movies that Steve Kearns, global social media lead for LinkedIn, recommends all salespeople watch.

1. Death of a Salesman: While not an uplifting film, Kearns puts this movie at the top of his list for its many excellent takeaways. He notes this movie offers great lessons on setting realistic goals and accepting yourself for who you really are.

2. Glengarry Glen Ross: This movie provides a look back at how sales used to be, with salesmen dialing prospects from phone booths and desperately yearning for coveted stacks of leads. Some scenes are riveting, heartbreaking and hilarious all at the same time.

3. The Big Kahuna: Salespeople understand the thrill of chasing a huge deal. That’s what makes this movie a must-see for salespeople. The “big kahuna” is the CEO of a large company who is targeted by a trio of sales reps at a trade show.

4. The Pursuit of Happyness: A sales career can be a struggle, forcing you to look deep within yourself. In this film, the main character tries to dig himself out of destitution to provide a better life for his child. If you could use a shot of inspiration, don’t miss this movie.

5. The Wolf of Wall Street: This film looks at the flip side of sales success and how someone’s life can spiral out of control.

6. Boiler Room: This story depicts aggressive brokers peddling junk stocks with inflated promises in search of sizeable commissions. Kearns recommends this movie for its somewhat serious look at the impact and consequences of dishonest sales tactics.

7. Jerry Maguire: Kearns says this movie is a must-see in today’s digital sales world since it shows the value of quality over quantity. In the film, the main character wants to work with fewer clients in order to deliver better and more personal service.

8. Moneyball: This movie, another one in the sports realm, shows the importance of a data-driven approach. After watching this film, sales reps can contemplate their market inefficiency and any untapped opportunities that other salespeople might be overlooking.

9. A Christmas Story: Kearns admits this movie is somewhat out of the box in his list, but he says a sales theme carries throughout this entire holiday classic. As young Ralphie tries to sell his parents on the air rifle he desires, resolve wins out. Kearns appreciates this flick for its epic tale of tenacity and persistence.

While not all of these movies cast salespeople in the best light, you’re sure to come away with some new insight and food for thought.
Source: Steve Kearns is the global social media lead for LinkedIn. He drives the go-to-market social strategy for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and LinkedIn Sales Solutions.