At PPAI’s 2023 North American Leadership Conference, June 4-6 in Washington, D.C., the Association will unveil the most comprehensive ranking of promotional products industry companies ever assembled: PPAI 100.

The ultimate value of the PPAI 100 rankings comes in its holistic approach to collecting data on the industry’s leading companies.

As a nonprofit trade association with a mission to advance the promotional products marketplace for the benefit of our community, PPAI exists to elevate the industry as a whole. By identifying the top companies in promo and shining a light on their standards and methods, PPAI Media is serving as the voice and force to do just that.

The overall goal of PPAI 100 is not only to celebrate the best in the business, but to elevate every business in the industry by sharing the practices of leading companies.

Our entire industry – more than 25,000 other companies – will have an improved vision of how business is done at promo’s leading edge. As part of the program’s research, PPAI Media is also creating benchmark reports on these leading companies, allowing competitors of any size to understand and replicate the top companies’ successes.

Additionally, all PPAI member distributors and suppliers will have the opportunity to take the same surveys that help to underpin the PPAI 100 rankings, and PPAI Media will release those aggregate findings later in the year so that firms of every size will be able to understand how they compare to their peers in key areas.

Savvy challengers will mine the rankings and content for ways to emulate the best practices that have made the PPAI 100 companies so successful.

Armed with this information in 2023 and even more data in the years to come, the industry will have the opportunity to experience a virtuous cycle of collective progress.

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