Granby, Quebec-based distributor Malga (PPAI 608304, D2) has acquired Distribution Emblème (PPAI 737796, D2), also of Granby. Dominic Côté, president and CEO of Malga, describes the acquisition as the logical outcome of several years of collaboration, during which Distribution Emblème supported Malga’s growth with its production services.

“This union of forces now positions us among the most important Quebec companies in our field,” says Côté.

Malga was founded in 1977 and its corporate services include online stores, dedicated customer service and operational logistics expertise. It relocated its headquarters to downtown Granby in 2019 and has opened a retail boutique featuring Quebec creations. Distribution Emblème was launched in 1983, and brings a showroom, warehouse and a large inventory of clothing, along with a production department that cuts, silkscreens and embroiders its products, to the combined company.