As we worked toward its debut in 2023, PPAI 100 was in many ways a closely guarded secret.

Only those firms whose sales volume made them mathematically eligible for the initial list were invited to take the scoring surveys in the beginning, and the program was not announced to the larger industry until a matter of weeks before the list was unveiled.

After the initial splash, PPAI Media began to show more of its hand, announcing the opportunity for every distributor and supplier to participate in the surveys to earn High Marks recognition. The process of collecting the massive amount of information from the industry took almost half a year.

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Things will be different this year, beginning with transparency in the surveys and rollout schedule.

Here are the key dates for PPAI 100 in 2024.

February 1: The 2024 program is announced, including scoring changes, survey dates, questions and instructions, and content release dates.

February 26: Surveys open; a notification will be sent to the primary PPAI account contact at every member company.

March 10: All surveys close as of 11:59:59 p.m. (CT).

May 5-7: Attendees of PPAI’s North American Leadership Conference will receive the first look at both the supplier and distributor lists. Assets, including logos, will be sent to the PPAI account contact at winning firms, subject to embargo.

May 14: PPAI 100 suppliers revealed.

May 21: PPAI 100 distributors revealed.

June: PPAI Magazine celebrates the 2024 PPAI 100.

July: PPAI Magazine unveils new High Marks for the Growth category and The State Of Growth: 2024 benchmarking report.

September: PPAI Magazine unveils new High Marks for the Responsibility category and The State Of Responsibility: 2024 benchmarking report.

October: PPAI Magazine unveils new High Marks for the Innovation category and The State Of Innovation: 2024 benchmarking report.