Good Customer Service Is Worth It

In April, PPB Newslink shared Harvard Business Review’s report on study results showing the value of good customer service and the benefits it brings both transactional and subscription-based business models.

Excellent reality check. Customer service and inside sales are the two hardest positions for online transaction-based companies. Sadly, most execs who sit around the table with very little experience wearing a headset make decisions for those who are wearing the headset. That is one of the biggest mistakes you can make if your bread and butter is based on the acquisition of customers and transactions. You have to pay to play if you want to win. Pay these people! If you do not think they are worth base salaries in the mid $40’s with small commission overrides based on activity, put on a headset, then tell me what you think.

Jim Franklyn
Swag Promo, LLC
Alpharetta, Georgia
PPAI 562712


Celebrating The Industry’s Multi-Line Reps

PPB highlighted its 2019 Best Multi-Line Reps in the April issue of the magazine. Not only did these industry professionals make an impression on PPB’s competition judges, but on its readers as well.

Congratulations to all the hard-working, dedicated reps who bring us ideas and solutions. Personally, we have worked with Karen Spencer for more years than we care to admit, and Karen just keeps getting better. What a valuable resource she is! Neil Mihan continues to invent and expand on supportive opportunities by partnering with other MLAs to be a one-stop-shop for samples and education. He, too, is worth his weight in chocolate. Thanks to both!

Jae Rang, MAS,
JAE Associates, Ltd.
Oakville, Ontario,
PPAI 561178


Remembering Lori Kaye

Lori Gilbert Kaye, a member of the sales staff at San Diego distributor Pro Specialties Group, died in a shooting in suburban San Diego in April. See the full story on page 96. PPB Newslink received several comments from industry members following its news story. Here is a selection.

I shared a desk with Lori at my first promotional products company, prior to the one she spent the last 12 years with. She was an icon in the field and well known by suppliers and distributors alike.

I’m sick about it, because I knew her and my husband knew her and actually taught her daughter as well. It’s so hard to fathom. We would honor her if we all take it upon ourselves to perform an extra act of kindness to others.

Shari Marks
Promotional Consultant
MTI Marketing
Carlsbad, California

It’s interesting to know this hero was a member of our profession. She is a great loss not only to her family, community and synagogue, but also this world where people who act as she performed are far and few.

Howard Aston
OCM Promotions
Farmington Hills, Minnesota


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