(Editor’s Note: PPAI’s annual Pyramid Awards, sponsored by Pacesetter Awards Co., honor creative excellence in the promotional products industry and the outstanding promotions, creative campaigns and exceptional craftsmanship of Association members. The 2024 Pyramid Awards are now accepting submissions.)

It’s officially your last chance to be recognized by PPAI’s 2024 Pyramid Awards. We’ve extended the deadline to this Friday, May 26, and here’s our last-minute reminder so you can celebrate the dedication and creativity of your company.

There’s something for every PPAI member, and you can submit as many times as you like. There are four categories to enter: client programs, marketing programs, technology programs and supplier decorating.

If you’ve already entered, feel free to submit another outstanding program or campaign.

“It’s great to be recognized by our peers,” says Scott Dunstan, president of The Dunstan Group. “Winning a Pyramid Award confirms that we’re not only bringing our best to make promo work for our clients, but we’re also setting the bar in our industry.”

The Dunstan Group (PPAI 484393, D3) snagged a Silver Pyramid when Duke Energy engaged the distributor to supply vulnerable customers with tools to stay updated with critical alerts, call for help or report an outage of electricity in their homes.

Dunstan says, “Duke Energy asked us for ideas to connect with at-risk clients during their National Preparedness Month campaign. They wanted to remind people – particularly senior citizens – who to call to report an outage in their area after severe weather. They gave us time to get creative and present them with options.

“We knew these radios would be perfect for the Duke Energy brand, and the message they wanted to send to their senior clients. The campaign checked all the boxes on what happens when a client ‘gets’ how promotional products work, and tasks a creative agency to make a campaign come to life.“

The Dunstan Group selected and delivered 7,000 handheld emergency tools (weather radio with LED flashlight, power bank, solar and hand crank power) branded with the Duke Energy logo to customers in coastal Florida and the Carolinas at the start of hurricane season. They also provided a manual including a phone number and directions in English and Spanish to report outages. The Dunstan Group helped Duke Energy boost brand awareness and make sure its customers know their power provider and how to reach them.

“We like to say we can routinely pull off last-minute miracles around here, and we do regularly,” says Dunstan. “But with a little more time, a world of possibilities opens up for the client, and the power of promotional merchandise can really be leveraged. Duke Energy could have played it conservative, gone with a more inexpensive item or considered promotional merchandise after the fact. Again, this was an example of doing everything right – a real partnership! They came to us early, explained their intention for the campaign, and gave us the time to find ‘the’ product to fit.”

The 2024 Pyramid Award competition is accepting entries through May 26. To enter the competition, go to www.ppai.org/pyramid. If you need assistance, email awards@ppai.org.

Dunstan says, “Seeing the trophies on the shelf reminds us we’ve set some standards and have to meet or beat those every day!”