PPAI’s PromoPolls are a series of quick, informal, twice-weekly polls published in every issue of PPB Newslink that capture the promotional product industry’s opinions on a wide range of relevant topics. 

Several of PromoPolls’ recent questions quizzed industry members on their business experiences during the pandemic. Among their insights are:

  • Forty-three percent of respondents are focusing on traditional methods like email and phone calls for their business development during the pandemic, although 24 percent of those polled incorporated those practices with video conferencing and sending out spec and random samples to prospects.

  • For 43 percent of those surveyed, customer relationships have been the most important factor in helping their company survive the year, while 23 percent cite creativity and innovation.

  • Asked how they would scale up business at a mid-sized distributor company right now, 50 percent said they would tighten up processes and 38 percent said they would invest in technology for order processing, CRM and research.
  • In conversations with clients, 40 percent said that overall slow business was the most frequent recurring topic, although pricing (20 percent), the lack of budget (13 percent) and turnaround and shipping (13 percent) were also common.

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James Khattak is news editor of PPB.