Through its twice-weekly PromoPolls, launched in mid-2020, PPAI is gauging member opinions on a wide variety of industry and business topics. The poll, included in every issue of PPB Newslink and on the PPAI Media website, provides an anecdotal snapshot of insights on key issues. 

Among recent finding are these:

  • Looking to 2021, the majority of respondents, 62 percent, have upbeat expectations for what the year will bring. For 25 percent of those surveyed, the future remains uncertain, but they are hopeful. 
  • Asked about the value they attributed to the virtual events they participated in during 2020, the majority (67 percent) felt they brought some level of benefit to their business. Almost a quarter of respondents, 22 percent, were particularly enthusiastic about the experience.
  • Social media has become a fixture of everyone’s business day. A question asking how often respondents posted on or browsed social media for business found that most (72 percent) fell somewhere between once a day and once a week, with 28 percent admitting to using social media for work several times a week. No respondents reported completely escaping social media as part of their work life.
  • Cybersecurity is on everyone’s mind, with 52 percent of those surveyed identifying phishing as the greatest threat facing their business. Ransomware and the lack of training, at 14 percent each, were also concerns.

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James Khattak is news editor of PPB.