Industry volunteers who work with PPAI on its committees, work groups and other programs are an integral part of the Association’s success. This 13th installment of an ongoing PPB series introducing the volunteers, committees and initiatives that have helped make the Association what it is today, takes a closer look at the board of the Regional Association Council (RAC). 

The RAC Board brings together representatives of the 27 regional associations that support the promotional products industry in the U.S. and works to support their success through representation, advocacy and communication. The board is an indispensable industry resource for growth, innovation and information for regional associations.

RAC board members are required to have, for at least one year, served on the board of their regional association. They act as the main point of contact for their regional regarding communications to and from the RAC board and PPAI staff, and vote on its behalf on relevant RAC motions. 

Natalie Clark, PPAI’s membership services director and staff liaison to the RAC board, says, “At the RAC Delegate Assembly, RAC seeks approval of bylaw changes and provides board members with updates on the Leadership Development Workshop, RAC board, RAC Strategic Foresight Committee [RSFC], and PPAI. The most significant role for RAC board members is to be the liaison between the regional community and the RAC board, so meetings like this are an important exchange of information.”  

Looking ahead, Clark adds, “The challenges and opportunities are to look beyond today and anticipate the regional association outlook three to five years from now. The RAC board will be look to the RSFC to provide insights and direction on a three to five-year needs assessment, strategic abandonment items, the community structure and how PPAI can best be of service to the community. The RAC board will use the information to further the vision and mission for the regional community.”  


James Khattak is associate editor of PPB.