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Several changes are coming to the PPAI Board of Directors this month, including new faces and updated roles. Along with Andrew Spellman and Noah Lapine, who were elected to the board in October for four-year terms, Lindsey Davis, MAS, promotional sales at supplier Raining Rose, has been appointed as the Regional Association Council (RAC) delegate. Davis will serve a two-year term beginning in January. Also, Norm Hullinger, CAS, CEO of supplier alphabroder, will remain on the board an additional year to fill a supplier board member vacancy. 

The RAC delegate is a member of the RAC board and serves as liaison between the two boards. Davis succeeds the current RAC delegate, Amy Rabideau, MAS, who has served since January 2019.

In her current role at Raining Rose, Davis focuses on leading and developing a growing sales team while also allocating resources, exploring new investments and crafting a strategic vision for the Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based company. She joined the promotional products industry in 2003 when her parents founded Solar Advertising, a lip balm supplier. Davis became president of Solar Advertising and led the company through a successful purchase by Raining Rose in 2016, where she began as national sales representative.

Davis currently serves on the Promotional Products Education Foundation board of trustees as the incoming vice chair of strategic planning and budget. During her time in the promotional products industry, she has also served as RAC president, president of the Rocky Mountain Region Promotional Products Association (RMRPPA) and in other volunteer roles within in these organizations.

Hullinger, a current PPAI board member, will assume a 12-month unexpired term created by PPAI Chair Ira Neaman’s transition to immediate past chair. Per the PPAI bylaws, in the event a director is elected chair-elect with more than two years remaining on his or her term, then the board-elected officers and at-large director nominating committee shall nominate, and the board shall appoint an individual representative of a company in the same membership category to serve the unexpired term when the director becomes immediate past chair. The individual appointed must have previously served a minimum of two years on the board of directors.

Hullinger has previously served a full four-year term on the PPAI Board and his current service expires this month.


James Khattak is news editor of PPB.