As industry companies and their communities make strides to recover from heavy weather in Texas, the southeastern U.S. and Puerto Rico, members also continue to focus on meeting individual needs for ongoing assistance. Supplier Fruit of the Loom (PPAI 133342) is donating 500,000 pieces of clothing to people affected by Hurricane Irma in Florida and the surrounding region.
The Bowling Green, Kentucky, company is sending three semi-trailers full of essential clothing items like underwear, t-shirts and sweatpants to Orlando for distribution to residents in need throughout Florida and impacted southeastern states. Products shipped from the company’s distribution centers in Palmetto, South Carolina, and Bowling Green arrived in Orlando on Friday. The third truck, coming from Montgomery, Alabama, is scheduled to arrive today.

Truck Carrier First Coast Alabama is contributing to the relief effort, providing free freight services for the current Fruit of the Loom deliveries as well as the deliveries that were sent to Houston in the previous weeks.

Peter Hirsch, president of supplier Hirsch Gift, and Dave Degreeff, executive director of the Houston Promotional Products Association (HPPA), have set up a GofundMe page for Ted Dennison, MAS, of TMJ Enterprises. An active member of the HPPA, past president of the regional association’s board, and a recipient of the 2016 PPAI RAC Volunteer Of The Year award, Dennison and his family are working to recover after their home was flooded, while at the same time he is battling a rare form of cancer.