In a deal that was finalized Wednesday, supplier HUB Promotional Group has added Concord, Ontario-based supplier Debco Bag Distributors, Ltd. (PPAI 317015) to its portfolio of companies. The announcement was first made earlier today in a PPB Newslink Breaking News. 

Debco adds a Canadian decorating and distribution arm, a new product line in tote bags, and an expanded line of highly competitive drinkware offerings to HUB’s growing portfolio of products and services. 

Joe Fleming, CEO of HUB Promotional Group says, “HUB Promotional Group is extremely excited to partner with Debco Bag Distributors. The Debco team has worked very hard to consistently provide value to their customers, and their record of being voted PPPC Supplier of the Year in Canada for 22 out of 24 years is simply amazing. We are pleased and proud to now stand together with Debco and introduce their fine product line to the U.S. market.” 

He adds, “This is also a great opportunity for HUB Promotional Group to tap into their manufacturing and distribution channel in Canada for our own product offerings. Building on the foundation created by HUB Pen—winner of a PPAI Supplier Star Award—and our partnerships with Beacon, Best USA and Cooler Graphics, the addition of Debco to the HUB Promotional Group family of companies enables us to serve a much larger North American customer base with the same award-winning passion for excellence in both product value and customer service.” 

Debco President Steven Gallen sees similar value for his company in the merger. “It was very important to us that we partner with a firm that shares our values and is committed to extending and accelerating our growth in Canada and the U.S. Joining HUB Promotional Group provides us with the resources and the support to promise more and deliver more to our customers,” he says. The entire Debco leadership team led by Steven, Stan and Debbi Gallen will remain in their current roles to lead Debco and support the integration into HUB Promotional Group. 

Debco was founded in 1983 and is a leading Canadian supplier of a broad range of products. The company will relocate to a new 250,000-square-foot facility in nearby Vaughan, Ontario, this fall and add the HUB Pen line to its production facility later this year. The integration is expected to be seamless for both employees and customers while expanding the collective capabilities of HUB Promotional Group. 

Debco joins four other A+-rated suppliers in the HUB Promotional Group portfolio of companies: HUB Pen Company (PPAI 110772), Beacon (PPAI 113702), Best Promotions (PPAI 461689) and Cooler Graphics (PPAI 226076).