In some ways, selling is like dating. Both can be nerve-wracking as you try to make a great impression and stand out from the crowd. Both require perseverance. You can’t give up after a few rejections – you have to keep going until you find the perfect match. When you do find the right one, you’ll either close the deal, or in the case of dating, potentially tie the knot.

Sales expert and business consultant Liz Wendling adds that sales and dating both require insight, skill and discretion to know when people are truly interested.

How can you tell if a prospect wants to move forward with you? Keep reading this issue of PromoPro Daily, where we highlight Wendling’s thoughts on five signs a prospect is into you.

  1. They want to share what’s on their mind. It’s a good sign when prospects are willing to answer questions about their needs, pain points and challenges. When they do, Wendling says they’re telling you they have a problem, and they might need you to resolve it. This signals that they’re interested in you. If they don’t want to answer questions openly and honestly, it may not be a good fit.
  2. They want to talk to you. Consider it a sign that a prospect is into you if they return your calls and emails. If they’re avoiding you or not getting back to you, Wendling says they’re either not interested or leading you on. In either case, you may need to move on.
  3. They’re willing to commit to the next step. When prospects agree to the next meeting and show up to that meeting, Wendling says it’s a clear signal they’re engaged and the process matters to them. Not a great sign? They push off meetings or give you the generic, “I’m really busy right now, but can you call me back in a week?”
  4. They’re willing to ask and answer tough questions. Chances are a prospect is interested in you if they’re willing to talk about their real agenda and what they want to achieve. If they get irritated with you or don’t want to answer the difficult questions, Wendling says they may be trying to hide their true intentions.
  5. They’re excited to meet you. It’s a good sign when the prospect smiles and makes eye contact when meeting with you. Wendling says if they want to keep the conversation going, they’re probably into you and want to schedule a second meeting. However, if the prospect sits with their arms crossed or answers curtly, they’re probably not interested in working together.

What vibes are you getting from your prospects? Just like in dating, trust your gut. If you’re being honest and respectful but the other person isn’t reciprocating, move on. Don’t waste your time pursuing something that isn’t worthwhile.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers
Source: Liz Wendling is the president of Insight Business Consultants. She’s a nationally recognized sales expert and emotional intelligence coach.