What do your clients want? It’s the million-dollar question. In a world that’s constantly changing during the pandemic, it’s more important than ever to determine the answer. Different businesses have been impacted in different ways over the last 18 months. Some of your clients may have struggled to stay afloat, while others may have experienced a boom in their business. Some may be wondering about their next step.

Your business has probably also made some adjustments or gone through some changes during the pandemic. You may have added a new service or offering, or adapted roles to better serve your clients. Whether you’re a one-person shop or you work with a team of dozens, it’s important to evolve just as your clients are evolving. This requires keeping up with their changing expectations, says Mike Michalowicz, the founder of Profit First Professionals.

In this issue of Promotional Consultant Today, discuss Michalowicz’s three ways to stay aligned with your clients’ shifting expectations.

Ask them what they need. Many businesses guess what their clients want, but this is a big mistake, says Michalowicz. To know what your clients need and want, you have to ask them. A survey is a good way to understand your target audience. Be sure to ask open-ended questions that allow your clients to share what’s going on in their business now. Michalowicz recommends mentioning that you realize your business needs to serve them in a new way as the pandemic evolves. Ask them what you can do to make their experience extraordinary.

Be different from everyone else. How do you stand apart from all the other sales professionals out there? Michalowicz likes to use the D.A.D. Method. This stands for Different, Attract and Direct. You can be different by using varying ways of reaching your audience. If you traditionally send emails, try connecting via social media. Once you get their attention, you have to keep it. In the attract phase, Michalowicz recommends sharing your offering and showing why it’s especially useful now. And in the final phase, direct, your goal should be to include a call to action. This doesn’t need to be a big sell, he adds. You may just want your clients to sign up for a newsletter or resource.

Deliver your offering. You do not need a massive budget to deliver your products or services to your target audience. Just remember that your customers want your offering to be convenient, affordable and sustainable, says Michalowicz. This means that when your clients receive their purchase, they should be able to use the offering right away. Do you have helpful content, such as a training or course, you could send? This can help differentiate your business from others and create a more enjoyable experience for your buyers.

Your clients deserve the best. You can ensure you provide them with the best service, experience and outcome by staying in tune with their expectations.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers

Source: Mike Michalowicz is the founder of Profit First Professionals, a membership organizations of accountants, bookkeepers and business experts.