When you work in sales, you might find yourself doing many of the same tasks day in and day out. From making cold calls to sending follow-up emails to attending meetings to updating your CRM, it can feel a little like déjà vu.

Korina Ortiz, head of sales at Aircall, says it’s not uncommon for sales to feel repetitive, and it’s important to keep this feeling of Groundhog Day at bay. Otherwise, she says you risk low engagement, a lack of hunger and a drop in human-to-human interaction.

Throughout her career, Ortiz says she has seen all kinds of salespeople, and there’s no “typical” salesperson. Some are extroverts, others are introverts. Some are analyzers while others are controllers. They’ve all been good at what they do, she says. They just sometimes need to break out of the “call, sell, repeat” cycle.

How can you do this? We’re sharing Ortiz’s top tips in this issue of PromoPro Daily.

Face the tough stuff head on. Sales can be incredibly rewarding but also challenging. One way you can bust out of a pattern of repetition is to set the reset button by acknowledging the job’s difficult aspects. Don’t pretend like things are easy all the time. This can make you feel disconnected from reality. Instead, talk to your colleagues or boss about what challenges you’re facing. Ortiz says this can make a big difference in helping you step off the same old sales treadmill.

Harness the power of one-on-ones. If you’re a sales leader, maximize your one-on-one meetings with each sales rep. Remember that everyone is wired differently. What motivates one salesperson may not mean anything to another staff member. Ortiz says it’s important to get to know your team and understand what makes them tick. From there, you can align the quarterly vision to their personal goals.

Crank up the music. Ortiz points out research from Spotify that says 37% of people see music as a key driver to success during productivity moments, while 87% say music helps them switch off and relax. Use this in the workplace, whether you need to take a breather from cold calls or you want to pump yourself up before a big presentation. The right playlist can make all the difference, Ortiz says.

The daily grind of sales doesn’t have to feel boring. There are many ways to mix up the usual routine, whether it’s testing out different sales techniques or queuing up the right playlist. Keep trying new things and remember to invest in yourself. Sometimes attending a training or learning a skill can help you level up your sales game and reignite your passion for the job.

Compiled by Audrey Sellers
Source: Korina Ortiz is the head of sales at Aircall, a business phone and communication platform.